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True love

By Sharad Aggarwal in Poetry | Reads: 344 | Likes: 0

रूह से इश्क़ है, जिस्म ना दिखा। तेरे लिए दुनिया कुर्बान है, तू खून का दरिया ना बहा। अभी तो सपने सस्ते है तेरे, इनका सौ  Read More...

Published on Mar 30,2020 01:35 PM

Dream to reality

By Sharad Aggarwal in War Story | Reads: 307 | Likes: 2

Most of us has heard that there is a woman behind the success of every man. Have u ever heard about that there is a best friend behind your success.  This story is of a guy whose dream was to be a chef but due to family pressure he became a heart surgeon. This is a story of a fifteen year old g  Read More...

Published on Mar 28,2020 07:01 PM

Life - A Journey

By Sharad Aggarwal in Travel | Reads: 473 | Likes: 6

With the beginning of March 2018, i started traveling. It has been a wonderful experience by now. On one such day, when i was traveling to Delhi from Punjab, i was going to see an another life which will make me see what i have missed by now. I was traveling through the train and was just reading my  Read More...

Published on Mar 26,2020 12:32 PM

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