भूतों की बारात । Ghost Wedding
By krrish mishra in Supernatural | Reads: 5,176 | Likes: 1
मैं और मेरे पापा हमारे गांव के घर पर गर्मियों की छुट्टियों में आए हुए थे हम लोग अपने घर की छत के ऊपर लेटे हुए थे चद्दर  Read More...
Published on Sep 30,2022 11:52 AM
What do I mean by 'I'?
By krrishvinodmalve2006 in Supernatural | Reads: 2,667 | Likes: 0
Before I touch the topic of ‘What do I mean by 'i'?' we go deeper into this journey I would like to say together means you will need to listen to what I have to say completely rather than having any preconceived notions. You will have to listen keeping these preconceived notions aside. These n  Read More...
Published on Sep 30,2022 04:24 PM
Part:2 What do I mean by 'I'?
By krrishvinodmalve2006 in Supernatural | Reads: 2,784 | Likes: 0
It when you are awake so the solution needs to be sought at that state. We get restless at the state when we are awake, why does this happen? It happens because we feel we need to do something. Action or karma is something that needs to be understood but not in theory. Leave behind all those theorie  Read More...
Published on Sep 30,2022 04:28 PM
Plant Of Past
By Y AKHILESH in Supernatural | Reads: 1,448 | Likes: 0
Once upon a time in 2016 in June, a young 5-year-old boy in his 1st class and his first year of school was there. His name was Y. Akhilesh and all the people usually call him Akhil. Akhil had a sister in class 6th. He was a nice kid who was happy with his life. He enjoyed himself with his sister a l  Read More...
Published on Oct 7,2022 09:02 PM
My Teacher Is Still Alive
By Puskar Sikdar in Supernatural | Reads: 1,900 | Likes: 5
From the next room at 4:30 in the morning, on this bone-shaking cold morning of December-January, father's hoarse voice was heard, "Babu, wake up, go to study, I have to leave for tution before 5:30AM." As my father said, I had prepared all the readings last night. Apart from practicing the algebrai  Read More...
Published on Oct 1,2022 04:41 PM
By Tejas Zunjare in Supernatural | Reads: 5,989 | Likes: 37
The bright sun shone through the trees, creating mysterious shadows. The first rays of sunlight lit up Ceith's room, and the dawn chorus of melodic birdsong drifted in. A yelping sound came from Mrs. Maple's neighborhood.     "Wake up! It's time to get on the road!" Granny Bethna was tryin  Read More...
Published on Oct 1,2022 05:00 PM
The Biggest Problem In Your Life! By Anubhavauthor
By Anubhav Shrivastava in Supernatural | Reads: 1,699 | Likes: 1
In our life, we are calm at some moment, some moment disturbed, some moments sad and some moment joyful. So what is our original nature? Question: When I meditate, everything is peaceful and stable for me. I feel like I am moving towards a goal. But the real test is when some trouble or adversity co  Read More...
Published on Oct 2,2022 07:29 PM
Sabse mahaan kon?
By ankush9717448226 in Supernatural | Reads: 2,132 | Likes: 5
Hamen Bachpan se Sikhaya Jata Hai Ki Koi Na Koi Mahan hota hai jaise ki Bachpan Mein Hamen bataya Jata Hai Ki Bhagwan Sabse Mahan Hote Hain Thode Bade hone per Hamen pata chalta Hai ki Maa hoti hai mahaan , shaadi hone ke baad pata chalta hain ki baap hota hai sabse mahaan or jab jindagi ke aakhri p  Read More...
Published on Oct 5,2022 03:52 PM
How To Overcome Your Stress From Fear Of Parents.
By Anubhav Shrivastava in Supernatural | Reads: 1,687 | Likes: 0
Your parents' fear is on you only because You are not living with life, You are living in your mind. Your fear is always about what is going to happen next. If we fail further, what will happen to our parents? It means that your fear is always about that which is not present. If your fear is about t  Read More...
Published on Oct 5,2022 11:05 AM
The World is Ending
By prithamukherjee2205 in Supernatural | Reads: 1,808 | Likes: 1
The world is ending and all you have beside you is the ghost you call your friend. You are stirring coffee in your kitchen, filling your home with the rich scent of freshly ground beans. You add two sugars, lots of cream, because why shouldn't you? Your phone is on silent, you don't bother to check   Read More...
Published on Oct 6,2022 05:49 PM
Best friend
By mahima64493 in Supernatural | Reads: 1,761 | Likes: 1
It was a Monday morning I wake up and get ready for school I always go to school with my best friend so I was waiting for him he was late today when he came something is strange about him today he is not talking and not answering me we are going on our way but then he said to change the direction I   Read More...
Published on Oct 5,2022 02:29 PM
By Amit Yadav in Supernatural | Reads: 3,511 | Likes: 1
कहानी एक संग्रहालय से शुरू होती है जहाँ आज भारतीय पुरातत्व विभाग मे विशेष योगदान के लिए किसी को पुरस्कृत किया जाना  Read More...
Published on Oct 5,2022 03:42 PM
By Shubhi jaiswar in Supernatural | Reads: 1,767 | Likes: 1
“आओ बहिन तनिक अंदर तो आके बैठो ” ये शब्द पलंग पर  बैठे नानी से सुनकर मुझे पहली बार खाली घर में डर लगा वो अचानक ही   Read More...
Published on Oct 5,2022 04:09 PM
प्रकृति-पुरुष-एंट्रोपी-360 डिग्री
By KAILASHI PUNIT D. in Supernatural | Reads: 3,049 | Likes: 0
किसी भी व्यक्ति के लिए सबसे बड़ी चुनौती अपने आप की क्षमता को पहचानना है। यदि हम अपने चारों और नजर घुमाकर देखते हैं त  Read More...
Published on Oct 6,2022 09:23 PM
By Shreyo Biswas in Supernatural | Reads: 2,034 | Likes: 4
All living beings are formed of material and spirit. Every particular spirit is composed of various types of energy, and it ages from the beginning of time. The aging spirit is considered immortal and is knowledgeable. The spirit incarnates after their current material is destroyed. Many don’t  Read More...
Published on Oct 7,2022 10:31 PM
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