By kavinc0904 in Adventure | Reads: 10,105 | Likes: 34
There was a group of friends in their 20's that called themself Zem. They had known each other since their school days. Surprisingly, they had kept touch all through college even though many of them were in foreign countries. There were many of them but one day, they decided to meet up after over 5   Read More...
Published on Oct 31,2022 09:19 PM
By Yazan shaikh in Fantasy | Reads: 2,452 | Likes: 1
।लालची अमय।रामपुर नाम का एक गाव था।वहा अंकित नाम का एक आदमी रहता था।अंकित बहुत ईमानदार था।पूरे गांव भर में अंकित क  Read More...
Published on Oct 30,2022 11:50 PM
By taraknathmukherjee2020 in Supernatural | Reads: 1,929 | Likes: 0
I am Soham Mukherjee. Actually this is not any story which i am narating rather to say, a part of my life. Let me tell you that i am only the protagonist of this so called 'story'. I live with my family in a government housing estate. First of all i should clear it out that i am not promoting or hur  Read More...
Published on Oct 30,2022 11:48 PM
Finally Free
By Amrita Pradeep Aniyath in Women's Fiction | Reads: 6,854 | Likes: 25
    Noor was sitting in class with Fathima, her best friend of 7 years. Fathima whispered something in her ears, and they both burst into laughter only to be met with harsh glances of people who were actually trying to study. Math was never all that interesting to Fathima and even though   Read More...
Published on Oct 30,2022 11:43 PM
Efflorescence Of A Friendship
By cybernova990 in Mystery | Reads: 5,589 | Likes: 38
Remi was a city girl, and having always lived in Kyoto, she was not used to the serenity of the mountains and the simplicity of rural life. She had purchased a small cottage near the footfalls of the hills, a few miles off the outskirts of Takayama.  Having decided to take a stroll along the wi  Read More...
Published on Oct 30,2022 11:42 PM
By poorna.dhara.18 in Supernatural | Reads: 3,053 | Likes: 12
My parents were asleep while I was seated at the edge of the window. The silence of midnight was music to my ears as I peered out at the lights decorating all the houses in the neighbourhood. This late night light-gazing was only possible since my parents and I have a different room. Diwali was roun  Read More...
Published on Oct 30,2022 10:36 PM
The Fiery Picnic
By vpm.iyer.upload in Adventure | Reads: 3,013 | Likes: 59
Rajesh and Harish were twins. They studied in 9th class. No annual picnic was organised for last 2 years due to the pandemic by the school. Today, everyone was thrilled, as the teacher announced that after the term 1 exams, school is going to organize a picnic. Rajesh and Harish immediately listed t  Read More...
Published on Oct 30,2022 10:32 PM
The Perfect Blend
By Agnimitra Gupta in Romance | Reads: 1,976 | Likes: 2
Estelle James was proud to say she was the best baker in the whole of Cherry Blossom Town. Truffles, pies, cakes, even snicker doodles, everyone relished her scrumptious creations. However, at twenty-one, she still lived alone, loneliness was inevitable. Only a small baby rat, Monty, to keep her com  Read More...
Published on Oct 30,2022 10:30 PM
Stanger danger
By Priyachathri01 in Young Adult Fiction | Reads: 1,705 | Likes: 1
I just landed in Varia from Delhi, it's been one hell of a journey. Traffic to reach the airport, waiting because the flight got delayed by 4 hours and then they forget my luggage in Delhi and realize when I'd already landed. life doesn't want me happy. "Sir I'm extremely sorry for the inconvenience  Read More...
Published on Oct 30,2022 09:33 PM
Let me tell you
By Kuheli Nayek Bera in Romance | Reads: 1,927 | Likes: 3
'A lover is like a balloon, you have to hold it if you want it.'- Samay replied.  'Enough is enough. I have to leave my family, my friends. I just can't take it anymore.'- I mumbled.  Within just five minutes I was ready with my luggage and it was talking more five minutes to leave my plac  Read More...
Published on Oct 30,2022 09:28 PM
Love and Shadow ( The amor no expresado )
By 2kpictures22 in Fantasy | Reads: 2,629 | Likes: 9
Sunny as loved ones wants us to be, rainy as The grievers wants to be, I can be anyone I want to be Time is vast expanse of sea sometimes it pulls us,Deep Beneath the salt, sometimes it takes us to a higher place we can’t imagine. There is a universal law we all forget, everything has Its two   Read More...
Published on Oct 30,2022 09:23 PM
culture day
By shumaila in Historical | Reads: 2,086 | Likes: 0
سنڌ ۽ سنڌ جي ثقافت٠٠!! ”شمائلا رند“ ڳالھ پوري ملڪ پاڪستان جي ڪنداسين ته قدرت واري ھن ملڪ کي ڪيترين ئي قدرتي حسناڪين،روشناسين، تاريخي ھَنڌن ۽ خوبصورت پھاڙن سان ن  Read More...
Published on Oct 30,2022 09:17 PM
Why not
By mahajankeya in Young Adult Fiction | Reads: 1,731 | Likes: 3
The turmoil and sheer exhaustion of moving from one place to another every two years tends to take a toll on a person, especially someone who is in their formative years. Most people have a stable friend group or even just a friend that has stuck with them through thick and thin. I cannot relate to   Read More...
Published on Oct 30,2022 09:12 PM
Movie date in PJs
By Deeksha Garg in Adventure | Reads: 1,680 | Likes: 2
"Hi babe, come downstairs", I got a call from my boyfriend. It was 11:30 am in the morning. It was a summer weekend. I had breakfast and was relaxing in my bed when i got the call. He was there outside my home. I was not expecting to see him today. There were no plans. I went to the balcony and look  Read More...
Published on Oct 30,2022 09:03 PM
The Blackvault
By avishikumar04 in Crime Thriller | Reads: 3,759 | Likes: 25
The problem of this world is estimation,either we’ll under-estimate the biggest dangers or over-estimate the smallest of pains. Living in a big city isn’t cheap,hence the people work tirelessly at their jobs.As outsiders,some of these jobs seem soul-sucking,ruthless,bearable,actually fun  Read More...
Published on Oct 30,2022 08:41 PM