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Caverta 100 mg and Caverta 50 mg - The Ideal Answer for Erectile Brokenness  You've most likely known about Caverta 100 mg assuming you're hoping to deal with your ED. It's promoted as quite possibly of the most powerful medication in its group, making it amazingly viable at treating erectile b  Read More...
Published on Sep 30,2022 03:07 PM
By Atrayee Ganguly in Historical | Reads: 1,641 | Likes: 0
     Looking at her bloody hands, Angelina smiled softly.      The storm roared & nature wept for the cruelty it just witnessed. Everything was dark & gloomy. It could have been something else, something less gritty but alas! Angelina's mind was now coming out o  Read More...
Published on Sep 30,2022 03:49 PM
Life and its impact - Part 2
By Pankaj Dey(Sikander Singh) in Historical | Reads: 2,356 | Likes: 0
The only goal of SOCIAL HISTORICAL EDUCATIONAL INFORMATION SERVICES FOUNDATION [ FISHES ] is “GO BACK TO THE ROOTS”. The modes used by SOCIAL HISTORICAL EDUCATIONAL INFORMATION SERVICES FOUNDATION [ FISHES ] for awareness purpose are articles , images , books/novels , videos , websites ,  Read More...
Published on Sep 30,2022 06:54 PM
Life and its impact - Part 3
By Pankaj Dey(Sikander Singh) in Historical | Reads: 2,445 | Likes: 0
For few days , Prakshit Kaul started to live very quite and taking case of the  new born child of the Kaul family as his own son . Later on  , we supported  Prakshit Kaul  financially to start a tea stall for upbringing of the new born child of the Kaul family. When Prakshit Kaul  Read More...
Published on Sep 30,2022 07:01 PM
Life and its impact - Part 1
By Pankaj Dey(Sikander Singh) in Historical | Reads: 2,652 | Likes: 1
This story is about a child who received three lives in one birth with a goal to survive the promise he made to his family. This short story is of my beloved best friend who loves family a lot and seeking revenge concerning the killing of his family members , killing people of his community and dest  Read More...
Published on Sep 30,2022 07:04 PM
शिक्षण या आत्मिक विकास
By Chandan Sengupta in Historical | Reads: 2,506 | Likes: 0
बाहर से विषय भोगों को छोड़कर यदि मन में भगवान का चिंतन न किया जाये, तो फिर इस बाहरी उपवास की क्या कीमत रही? यदि कोई कह  Read More...
Published on Oct 1,2022 03:11 PM
By Kaveen sivakumar in Historical | Reads: 1,673 | Likes: 3
I met her the first time I hired out for day work. I just walked up to the ranch boss and told him I wanted to work. “We’ll see”, was all he said. I walked over to some of the other hands and introduced myself. Then I caught a glimpse of her out of the corner of my eye. Standing ne  Read More...
Published on Oct 3,2022 02:36 PM
The Night of March 13th, 2007
By Ajeet Singh Yadav in Historical | Reads: 2,258 | Likes: 18
It was March 13th, 2007. The winter had gone. There was a newness and freshness in every object of nature. The people were very happy and content. The cold of winter was compensated by the warmth of the month of March. The old men, who were leading their last days of life, also enjoye  Read More...
Published on Oct 4,2022 12:40 PM
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I She stands at the heart of her altar; the herald of fierce doom, gentle smiles, fain fordid, cast eliads, pleas of liberty! Bestower of sovereignty, crowner of monarchs, forebear of utopia, paragon of heaven-daughter peace- goddess Freedom observes, inquisitive, of the novel merchants come to pros  Read More...
Published on Oct 4,2022 06:49 PM
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It was a lonely night in the summers of Delhi when I stumbled upon this article about the haunted places in Delhi. I was interested in this specific place named "Mehrauli Archaeological Park". I started my Vogue with Angad Singh. We reached the place just in time as the sun was rising from the east   Read More...
Published on Oct 5,2022 09:54 AM
By mc Foy in Historical | Reads: 1,443 | Likes: 0
                   LACONIC Sometime in the past, wars were raging and hatred grew fast, as fast as growing old, aging. There was a great kingdom, Laconia, it was called; ruled by a wise and reticent King. Laconia, though prosperous and flourishing,  Read More...
Published on Oct 6,2022 02:35 PM
India: A Starting Story
By Ayush Kumar in Historical | Reads: 2,723 | Likes: 0
India, Hindustan and Bharata or Indian Subcontinent is the only known piece of land in this Universe, which is adversely diverse in terms of various parameters like religion, ethnicity, origin, age and much more. Apart from this diversity in the human race on this landmass, the landmass itself is a   Read More...
Published on Oct 11,2022 02:26 PM
By Belle in Historical | Reads: 1,719 | Likes: 6
His fingers danced along the skin of ‘tabla’ creating a pure melody. The band behind him played as well creating a melancholy aura in the parlour of the villa his master lived at. His eyes remained close while he played, feeling the vibrations run through his veins. With his dark black h  Read More...
Published on Oct 30,2022 11:17 AM
Abandoned Gift
By Mariya Hasan in Historical | Reads: 1,704 | Likes: 5
THE YEAR 1622I came out for shopping with my grandfather on this very chilly afternoon. The market is brimming with people rushing to buy things and get home before sunset. It's a given because people wouldn't want to get robbed on their way back home furthermore after dusk it gets dark quite quickl  Read More...
Published on Oct 11,2022 11:25 PM
A hero of Ancient Britain
By Daksh Acharya in Historical | Reads: 1,449 | Likes: 1
       A HERO OF ANCIENT BRITAIN Part 1 There was a time, many years ago, when this England of ours was a savage country. The oldest stories that we read about our island happened so long ago, that the English had not yet come to the land where we live. In those days, the country  Read More...
Published on Oct 12,2022 09:19 PM
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