Djinns of Delhi

By aryansachdeva1409 in Supernatural | Reads: 1,210 | Likes: 1

This adventure of mine to Firoz Shah Kotla Fort was one of the most mysterious yet fascinating adventures of them all. Let’s get into it, so my day began a bit late as scheduled because I overslept. The weather was flawless with little to no traffic. As I was crossing the beautiful streets of   Read More...

Published on Oct 20,2022 10:15 PM


By aryansachdeva1409 in Historical | Reads: 1,957 | Likes: 1

It was a lonely night in the summers of Delhi when I stumbled upon this article about the haunted places in Delhi. I was interested in this specific place named "Mehrauli Archaeological Park". I started my Vogue with Angad Singh. We reached the place just in time as the sun was rising from the east   Read More...

Published on Oct 5,2022 09:54 AM

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