Ayush Kumar

Author, Blogger, Aspirant, Teacher and professional cricketer.
Author, Blogger, Aspirant, Teacher and professional cricketer.

Author is a bachelor of science and aiming his career in the bureaucracy of India and also pursuing his masters. More than his academic qualifications, he is known for his vibrant attitude and respectful behavior to every opinion. Ayush kumar belongs to a emotional middle class family due to which He knows what struggles a common do man faces. He is following the Indian politics from the age of single digits and decodes the political situations on the grounds of reality. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, Barack obama, and Abraham Lincon are some of his favourite leaders.Read More...



Books by Ayush Kumar

This book is a generalized aspect of a democratic system where public of the country gives the power to some special people to run a government. This book contains the basic and essential function of a public body in a democratic domain. This book is specially designed and edited to target the teenagers, which are vulnerable to politics these days and also to remind their roles in a standing democracy. This book is a source to understand the Indian Democracy i

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India: A Starting Story

By Ayush Kumar in Historical | Reads: 3,021 | Likes: 0

India, Hindustan and Bharata or Indian Subcontinent is the only known piece of land in this Universe, which is adversely diverse in terms of various parameters like religion, ethnicity, origin, age and much more. Apart from this diversity in the human race on this landmass, the landmass itself is a   Read More...

Published on Oct 11,2022 02:26 PM

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