Puskar Sikdar

Student and a writer
Student and a writer

My Teacher Is Still Alive

By Puskar Sikdar in Supernatural | Reads: 1,768 | Likes: 5

From the next room at 4:30 in the morning, on this bone-shaking cold morning of December-January, father's hoarse voice was heard, "Babu, wake up, go to study, I have to leave for tution before 5:30AM." As my father said, I had prepared all the readings last night. Apart from practicing the algebrai  Read More...

Published on Oct 1,2022 04:41 PM

Treasure hunt at Nilkuthi

By Puskar Sikdar in Horror | Reads: 2,035 | Likes: 4

[Treasure hunt at Nilkuthi is an dramatic fiction Ghost story,all things and characters are imagine] Aditya (standing on the roof looking at the sky) says to himself: The winter music has played. The red sky of the afternoon shows the real irony of this closed life. The cool southerly wind is hittin  Read More...

Published on Sep 30,2022 03:38 PM

The pride of Bengalis as well as of Indians

By Puskar Sikdar in Indian History | Reads: 2,222 | Likes: 2

Introduction:First of all,our mother land India achive his 75th year of Indipendence Day and before 1947 many brave Indians helps to get his freedom.And till now in border lines many soldiers safe us from terrorist instead of their blood.For this here I reflects the unknown stories of two brave sold  Read More...

Published on Jun 14,2022 07:33 PM

Strange Bunglow

By Puskar Sikdar in Horror | Reads: 2,191 | Likes: 2

(The space-time-pot-events of each series in this story are all fictional and in reality such events are coincidental. So keep reading and enjoy the ghostly taste) I was born in a small village in Khargpur. From an early age,my parents taught me how to read and write with great difficulty. My HS(Hig  Read More...

Published on Jun 14,2022 04:59 PM

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