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Books by Ermina Afroz

Encomium is a vastly themed poetry collection depicted alongside various illustrations of sorts which gives the poems an in-depth meaning and helps the readers to connect. The book is a dedication to the poet's father and thus contains several pieces which speak about her memories with him inlcuding those of his last days as he battled through covid. The book does not simply offer pieces of art to read but places emphasis on the readers' emotions too such that

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Books by Ermina Afroz

COMMA is a newly blooming illustrated collection of art and poetry depicting its worth and vividness through the simple framing of words constructed in the aim of bringing poetry in contrast to the importance of science. The poet, Ermina Afroz, has tried to create a sense of inescapable attraction and connection to the 150 works of lighthearted, deeply moving and realistic poems giving special emphasis on the operation and practice of the comma punctuation, as

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Insomnia- a torture

By Ermina Afroz in Young Adult Fiction | Reads: 998 | Likes: 0

Insomnia is a torture because during the hours the world is sound asleep you are struggling to stop the thoughts buzzing in your brain like just another irritating mosquito. And well i wished against it, but your girl owns it like a crown and to be honest i’ve never tried running away from it.  Read More...

Published on Oct 13,2022 03:30 AM

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