Hajra A Shaikh


Hajra A. Shaikh (7 January 1997) is an artist. She lives in Mumbai with her family. She graduated in 2017 from Bhavans College (Andheri, Mumbai) with a degree of B.A. in English Literature. She is a student of literature, currently pursuing post-graduation. She has been writing since she was in 10th grade. But only through a platform like Instagram, she started to share her stories and poems in November 2015. She is an inspiration to people ever since then. Her works have been published in anthologies before and The Right Escape is her first poetry collection. She works as a freelance content writer and a social media content reviewer. She believes that “Art is a beautiful representation of the human expression. Humans carry with themselves, a deep ocean of feelings, emotions, and vulnerabilities wherever they go. We, as humans, as artists, need to appreciate and value all of it.” 


The Right Escape

Books by Hajra A Shaikh

"There were nights I spent all alone only to realize how much I was in love with the moon." The Right Escape is a collection of thoughts on love, separation, and self-discovery. It is a compilation of poems, micro-tales, letters, prose, and quotes. You read it anywhere, anytime, and you will connect with it in one way or the other. It will always remain your ally and remind you of who you truly are.

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