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Jyothi Minnoch

Ministers of love
Ministers of love

Autobiography of Mrs. Mama

Books by Jyothi Minnoch

The journey to experience creation is a journey worth sharing... Hear the voice of love and thanksgiving from your womb, the hope of the future, the hope of good things to come… Love… the love of beauty… the beauty of creation… the creation of life…

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Experience the Essence

Books by Jyothi Minnoch

My love grows bigger in the space that distance creates.

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Sound of Duality

Books by Jyothi Minnoch

His presence is profound in its power in His presence souls rise in His presence hands fold and head bow in His presence truth shines and lies disappear in His presence heart sings and hands play in His presence love heals and eyes cry. There is no need to be distracted by the world’s seductive deception. There is truth in love and truth shall set us all free… free to love and love to be free.

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God Within

Books by Jyothi Minnoch

May love rise up and become stronger in its presence, may your good hearts shine forth with a brilliance of thousand suns and more to all those who brush aside precious souls like you! Thank you for being alive. Thank you for sharing your good heart and may all in your presence be inspired to change and transform with a little more inspiration with a little more strength to never give up and live with a spirit to cherish one’s life and other’s living.

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A Rattle of Love

By Jyothi Minnoch in True Story | Reads: 104 | Likes: 0

It was a pleasant Thursday morning when I took a walk, asking and praying for the Lord to show me the way, His way to love and serve… even through my own tears and fears. As I look up in the space of surrender the lady that sells rattles, baskets and cobweb sticks appears and greets me with f  Read More...

Published on May 20,2020 12:00 PM

Sweet November

By Jyothi Minnoch in Poetry | Reads: 111 | Likes: 0

I will hold this love until you come to get it we are also broken in so many ways but it gives a reason to pray so we keep the faith and wait I give a voice to what is hurting I give a sound to what is growing although I am quite not sure what it is here in this place where my heart can be found but  Read More...

Published on Apr 24,2020 07:14 PM

Silent or Salty

By Jyothi Minnoch in Poetry | Reads: 112 | Likes: 0

Dear one, I have received all of your tears silent or salty and I have read each one very carefully. In the beginningness we are what is called raw material and the journey to the manifestation or creation of our dream is called process. And this is life and it is good. Very good. If you don’t  Read More...

Published on Apr 24,2020 07:11 PM

I am not from your nation

By Jyothi Minnoch in Poetry | Reads: 114 | Likes: 0

I am not from your nation but I speak your language I do not know you But you are familiar to me I have seen your pain But you have not shown me Come closer And know me I have been sent by the king In the name of your healing Sent by the king On a prayer with a wing Did you not pray for relief Did y  Read More...

Published on Apr 24,2020 07:09 PM

प्यार की भाषा

By Jyothi Minnoch in Poetry | Reads: 103 | Likes: 0

प्यार की भाषा सिखाई आपने अपनी जीवन की हर दर्शन पे बातो में खाना में सोने में और नमाज में परिवार की घर बसाई प्यार की ब  Read More...

Published on Apr 16,2020 12:25 PM

प्यार की दर्शन

By Jyothi Minnoch in Poetry | Reads: 112 | Likes: 0

देखो देखो अपनी आँखों से खुला होके चेहरे पे या बंद होके दिल से प्यार की दर्शन   मासूम बच्चो की मुस्कराहट में या उनक  Read More...

Published on Apr 16,2020 12:23 PM

अरे वाह क्या प्यार तेरा

By Jyothi Minnoch in Poetry | Reads: 103 | Likes: 0

अरे वाह क्या प्यार तेरा इतना दर्द चुपाके मेरे दिल में तुम इतना सुन्दर मुस्कराहट पेहेनके मुझे चिड़ा रहे हो   अरे वा  Read More...

Published on Apr 16,2020 12:20 PM

A tear's story

By Jyothi Minnoch in Poetry | Reads: 111 | Likes: 0

I am salty because without salt there is no taste to my pain Some hold me back and some let me out I fill the space of loneliness with sorrow Inviting love and compassion to embrace the space When love manifests in His presence and His big warm soothing hands wipe me away and Wet His fingers with  Read More...

Published on Apr 16,2020 12:13 PM

My Dear Lord

By Jyothi Minnoch in Romance | Reads: 94 | Likes: 0

My sweet Lord, my beloved Lord, my kind and loving Lord, A beautiful new me offers her burdened heart so full of love for you as a letter for your eyes to shed tears, that belong to me… It is good to be back home again in your heart. Close your eyes and rest your weary mind, I promise to stay  Read More...

Published on Apr 16,2020 12:01 PM

Rising Peace

By Jyothi Minnoch in Romance | Reads: 111 | Likes: 0

Do you like stories? Do you want to hear one? Dear one, lend me your ear to hear this story and let it walk with you as it shares its creation... Once upon a time... There was a little boy who was sitting outside a house, with hands hugging his knees and head buried in the space to collect his tears  Read More...

Published on Apr 16,2020 11:49 AM

Dear One

By Jyothi Minnoch in Supernatural | Reads: 125 | Likes: 0

I share these words that spontaneously wrote as I experienced the supernatural presence of God wiping away my heart's tears. There is God within and when one reaches out in prayer He comes, He writes, He sings, He loves. One is touched with a feeling of healing. One is infused with love to bless oth  Read More...

Published on Apr 7,2020 03:23 PM

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