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Aman Bhonsle is a highly qualified Psychosocial Analyst, Youth Mentor, Relationship Counsellor and Trainer in Applied Transactional Analysis.  He is professionally trained in a wide range of contemporary models of Psychological Counselling ~ Transactional Analysis (TA), Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT), Humanistic School of Rogerian Counselling (Robert Carkhuff Model), Psychodrama and Gestalt Therapy.  Aman holds a Distinction in the Post-Graduation Diploma in Organisational Transactional Analysis from U.K., and has had Advanced training in Transactional Analysis from the Berne TA CRead More...


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Ever asked a question and found yourself being treated like a child? Do you have conversations with people that leave you hurt and mulling over them for days? Do you find yourself justifying your actions to yourself very often? Do you kick yourself for something you think you shouldn’t have done or said? How is it that those we love the most somehow manage to bring out the worst in us?

Essential TA: A Common Sense Psychology answers these qu

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