Syeda Ruqia Zaidi

Writer and traveller
Writer and traveller

Syeda Ruqia Zaidi was born in India with Arabic roots and a master’s degree from a renowned university called “Osmania University” from the “State of Nizam” which is currently called “Hyderabad” and has the inborn desire and admiration in the History running in her veins with lot of positivity in her attitude with her experience in various streams like News Producer, Financial Advisor, Journalism, News Presenter, Special Story writer into different aspects of life. After a Vast experience into her personal and professional life which made her more modeRead More...


Decapitated Goddess

Books by Syeda Ruqia Zaidi

This is the anecdote where once upon a time about prominent human race back in 500 BC battling for justice and equality with god turned demon, where power was the only language understood and paying little heed to any other things in their lives. The World is struggling to unite two admirers of the distinctive universe, that’s the battle between divine beings joined by mortals at one side and to the other side a God turned demon.………

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By Syeda Ruqia Zaidi in Poetry | Reads: 277 | Likes: 43

Zindagi khatam e gulzar hoti hai Bus qatm yuhi her baar hoti hai Kuch toh badalte chale iss zamane me Shamma yuhi                           nahi roshan her baar hoti hai....   Aye hasrat guzar tu bhi sunle teri bewafai key itne kisse hai ek din key liye hi sahi wafa chu  Read More...

Published on Sep 21,2020 04:03 PM


By Syeda Ruqia Zaidi in True Story | Reads: 697 | Likes: 63

The readers who are reading this book are very well aware of the subject "Rape." Rape is a vast subject, but we still do not know many things are related to it, and if at all we do, we mostly deny it. According  to  Wikipedia, "Rape is a type of sexual assault usually involving sexual intercourse   Read More...

Published on Sep 20,2020 08:06 PM


By Syeda Ruqia Zaidi in Supernatural | Reads: 978 | Likes: 336

The story is based on a Historical Fiction which makes you tremendously involved in it, which has interesting adventurous magical action packed at one place. Story Follows and revolves around 500 B.C. During this period everything used to run in and around magic running through veins of every humans  Read More...

Published on Sep 17,2020 03:51 PM

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