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Yashika karamchandani is a literature enthusiast who uses pen as a way of expressing herself to the world. The young and ambitious 17 year old freelancer always loves to pen down what she feels. She is a dreamer and a strong believer of the fact Dreams do come true. A published author of the novel Dreams do come true and a co author in more than 10 anthologies and a magazine, she is taking small steps towards her dream.Read More...


Dreams Do Come True

Books by Yashika Karamchandani

What had changed the life of young preety Ruhi and transformed her into a philophobic girl...who had decided never to repeat a mistake but on meeting 'someone' her heart popped up 'just one more time' . But destiny had some other plans for her that again made her a beautiful dreamer of life ... And wanna meet her all time companion , her buddy EMOJI... Find out how her cute lil dreams come true... or maybe not . DDCT is a simple and beautiful love story that

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A letter to God

By Yashika Karamchandani in True Story | Reads: 729 | Likes: 9

A letter to God Godji, Goodmorning, aap kese ho , me bhi achhha hu, pr mujhe bahut drr lg rha h Godji,wo dadu kehte the ki apne round round earth pe jo kuch bhi hota h na wo aap godji hi krte h aur godji sabka achha hi krte h... Pr Godji abhi ye kya ho rha h. Papa mummy khaana bhi nai khaate achhe s  Read More...

Published on May 19,2020 11:40 AM

New year eve; a story

By Yashika Karamchandani in Fantasy | Reads: 276 | Likes: 1

Many a times the moment we're about to quit, is the moment when the miracle happens...  I experienced it once again on that night, everything is so clear in my mind as if it was about yesterday... But it took me years to learn the actual truth, not the truth I used to believe in from that very   Read More...

Published on May 17,2020 01:27 PM

Feeling some kind of way

By Yashika Karamchandani in General Literary | Reads: 443 | Likes: 10

Feeling some kind of way Everytime I used to say, Okk I'll do it tomorrow, I still have time, there's a lot of time left and many more thoughts keep on coming in my mind daily... But all of a sudden, out of nowhere, something so drastic happened which has shaken our roots, and compelled me to ask my  Read More...

Published on May 14,2020 08:36 AM

a beautiful mess

By Yashika Karamchandani in Crime | Reads: 1,046 | Likes: 13

Tring, Tring... 11:45 p.m. My hands shook, sweat burst out into buckets, my eyes got wet, memories flashed, all of a sudden as my phone rang. My fingers trembled, forget about recieving the call, all of a sudden when my mobile screen flashed the same number after a complete year. My heart was beatin  Read More...

Published on Apr 12,2020 02:59 PM

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