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Rishi Grace. M



Revenge of the Rival - Inception of the Curse

Books by Rishi Grace. M

Zord the city of Texas, has been alarmed due to the destructive destiny. Soon the city will be destroyed by the series of Thunderstorm and Floods. Why is this happening to the poor city? The answer lies in the cursed book. The Curse of Aloks Hills might, just be a book to other’s eyes. But only the CHOSEN SIX knows about THE DARK TRUTH.

Cesario Manwell, Ben Deep, Ginny Violet gets into a deathly strife by knowing the past which was forbidden. The

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"Pleased to kill you.."

Books by Rishi Grace.M

Rishi Grace, a 13-year old boy was waiting for his long awaited summer vacation. But unfortunately his vacation turns into a deep and deathly strife. He has started getting messages and merciless commands from a Phantom of Past. He and his friends are not brave enough to deal with something which could haunt your life. They were tried to kill by the ghost about... Nope you read it yourself. Everyone in the town was loathe about the deserted Graveyard "Richard

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A Walk Through Lock Down...

By Rishi Grace. M in Travel | Reads: 341 | Likes: 1

In the month of July 2020, one fine day, I was resting happily under the sunshade, watching the YouTube. My dad suddenly called me to accompany with him to the super market. He also added that my muscles are weak and my body was lazy! A quick and long walk would be good. Usually I refused to go out   Read More...

Published on Jul 7,2020 12:14 PM

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