Huzaifa Shakir

Academic Writer and Researcher
Academic Writer and Researcher

Huzaifa Shakir is a graduate of Arabic literature from Aljamea-Tus-Saifiyah in Surat, India. His background, education and experience have allowed him acquire insight and perspective with which he describes and interprets the features found in the Arabic Teaching Methodology practiced in Aljamea-Tus-Saifiyah. The explanations offered in this study combine the methodology’s features with its Fatimi philosophy and education/science.  Read More...


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A Bridge Towards al-Arabiyah

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Teaching Arabic as a second language is still based on intuition and unprincipled methods in many parts of the world. Many textbooks and materials for this purpose still use outdated pedagogy in second-language teaching. Although there are some attempts to break with this tradition, the gap is still noticed.

Aljamea-tus-Saifiyah is an Arabic Academy first established in Surat, India, with its educational focus on the Quran, Islamic sciences, the Arabic

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Biodiversity: What Can We Do?

By Huzaifa Shakir in General Literary | Reads: 539 | Likes: 1

Man, because of his rational and intellectual faculties is the supreme being. With this supremacy, anything beneath him becomes his responsibility. Due to our selfish desires, lust for power and money, we have made it real difficult for our subordinates to survive, i.e. plants and animals.  A r  Read More...

Published on Mar 26,2020 08:26 PM

Literature behind Bars

By Huzaifa Shakir in General Literary | Reads: 582 | Likes: 2

When we imagine the places where our favorite authors penned their greatest works, a jail usually doesn't come to mind. However, many books that critics rank among the greatest literary works were written when their authors were imprisoned. Solitude and lack of distractions have produced many a grea  Read More...

Published on Mar 23,2020 11:47 PM

The Silver Lining behind Covid-19

By Huzaifa Shakir in General Literary | Reads: 1,423 | Likes: 5

Today we meet in a dark hour as the worst pandemic in over a century sweeps the globe, stretching health systems and economies to breaking point and fear has enveloped the entire world. So the reason there’s a politics of fear right now is because fear sells. It’s much easier than having  Read More...

Published on Mar 22,2020 11:16 PM

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