Dhriti Ravi

New Year

By Dhriti Ravi in General Literary | Reads: 277 | Likes: 1

It was a cold night. I was tucked in my blanket staring into space. Everything was still; as if the breeze held the power to freeze. My mind, on the other hand, was anything but.   A million thoughts ran wild inside my head, wreaking havoc causing my heart to fluctuate with dangerous frequencie  Read More...

Published on Apr 17,2020 12:01 AM

The First Meeting

By Dhriti Ravi in General Literary | Reads: 239 | Likes: 1

Anticipation. Excitement. Anxiety. Paranoia. A disastrous mixture of all these emotions bubbled through me while I was waiting for the train to arrive, an hour before it was to arrive at the station. All this time, I always imagined what our first meeting would be like, and a smile would break out e  Read More...

Published on Mar 22,2020 08:01 PM

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