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Aqib Javid Bhat


Aqib Javid Bhat is a writer by day and a poet by night from Mandoora Tral, Jammu and Kashmir. Starting from the love and care of family, he came up with much bound values and peaceful norms. Putting his way on rails, he was handed to the institute which is having an humongous status in his life, today. He passed out matriculation from Iqra Model Institute Mandoora,Tral. He completed the Qur’an memorization course from Al-Huda Qura'anic Centre Mandoora. According to him, being Hafiz-e-Qura'an is his greatest achievement in life. Presently, he's studying at Aakash Institute, Raj Bagh, SrinagaRead More...

Universe Echoed

Books by Aqib Javid Bhat

Universe Echoed is about the journey of a soul in the stormy nights to find its true nourishment. It is a collection of miscellaneous quotations and poems which will let you explore the different versions of this evanescent world and know the true philosophy behind the pain. The pain of suffering is spinning around the author like a tornado of worry and doubt but after covering a lot of ground on a collision course, his horizons are expanded and he wants to lit l

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Bosom Friend

By Aqib Javid Bhat in Poetry | Reads: 80 | Likes: 1

Burning flames, painting his existence on canvas,  Heart perceiving the pattern with shattered sight,  Refractive errors leaving an imprint of heartache,  Moment by moment, tears racing down the road.  The sun reminds me of thy splendidly luminous soul, And the starry night sky o  Read More...

Published on Apr 11,2020 09:40 AM

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