ravi singh rawat

The Passion Pandemic

By ravi singh rawat in Science Fiction | Reads: 3,227 | Likes: 6

The old railway station of New Delhi is crowded with the usual masses of colorful blobs moving. It’s a determinedly upbeat place, buzzing with the daily hustle and bustle. The double dome architecture, which celebrated its quasquicentennial this past week, used to be regarded as a remarkable f  Read More...

Published on Jun 19,2022 05:21 PM

The King's Writer

By ravi singh rawat in Historical Fiction | Reads: 2,208 | Likes: 4

“The subjects of Vijayanagara kingdom looked upon their king as if he is a literal avatar of the god, such is the effect of his universal Benevolence”, as the king’s writer is wording these false praises, he abruptly stops for a second. His mind begins to wander. All the vivid deta  Read More...

Published on Jun 14,2022 06:55 PM

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