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Franklina Gudipati

Writer and singer.
Writer and singer.


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This book is a quotes book. And this book consists of 115 quotes of different aspects, as well as, it conveys new understanding to normal aspects. Indeed, these quotes gives a brand new definition to every common aspect according to author's observations of certified facts, simply defining in a unique way. So, there is also a pet name for quotes that is philosophical father of incidents in life. Really, these quotes will make every single reader awake themselves.

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कुछ हौसले...

By Franklina Gudipati in Poetry | Reads: 225 | Likes: 2

                कुछ हौसले......  ये हौसले है आबाद के  जब रंजिशें है आजाद के मुसकान थी सीने में जली,  झलक थी जी  Read More...

Published on Mar 25,2020 08:21 PM

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