Aashi Krishnatray

Author of 3 books. 15 years. Poet.
Author of 3 books. 15 years. Poet.

Hello everyone and welcome to my author page. I am a teen author and poet, with high and admirable dreams, which I endeavor to accomplish in every phase of my life. Writing for me is a remarkable experience. It not only stimulates my thoughts and actions but also presents me with exceptional potential for achieving my dreams.   First Novel- A journey through the different Parts of Life (Short Stories) Second Novel- Wonders of Life Have a good read!Best wishes, Aashi.Read More...



Books by Aashi Krishnatray

One July evening, Noor finds her mother crying. She is too afraid to confront her, so she keeps her distance. Hides away when her father comes home, and cries when her mother never returns. 

Since then, Noor blames herself for not talking to her mother that day- her cries and sobs keep her awake at night. 

Noor knows that she has to find the truth about her mother, but as much as she wants to, she is afraid it will hurt her. 

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Wonders Of Life

Books by Aashi Krishnatray

We start our life with a blank paper. While living it, we mix it with shades- some white, some black, some grey.

David, at first, has very little to worry about.  He experiences happiness, sadness, curiosity, disappointment, love, passion, and negativity. "Wonders Of life" traces his journey through it. 

Madly in love with his town, David doesn't want to leave it; nor does he. However, he continues to do and love what he is good a

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A Journey through different parts of life

Books by Aashi Krishnatray

This books takes you through different adventures, difficulties and truth of life we all once in our life need to face. This book is an extraordinary collection of short stories that would make you happy and belive in yourself.

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A Sunset Story

By Aashi Krishnatray in Young Adult Fiction | Reads: 925 | Likes: 4

‘This is…’ I stutter. I do not want to ruin his moment with a word that is not enough. Not enough the describe this setting. ‘Different.’ He says, and I look at him. Different? ‘I know. I know. It is not quoted un-quote special but sometimes you don’t know  Read More...

Published on Oct 29,2022 01:25 PM

I don't believe in love

By Aashi Krishnatray in Stories | Reads: 94 | Likes: 0

"Mom, you are not serious"  "No, I'm, continue. What happened next?" She says tossing the pancake onto the pan. "Caught it!" She screams  "Mom, I am so sorry Tara, I am sorry. Tell me" She says sitting at the dining table  "Then he pulled out a rose and went to his knees, in front of the whole of  Read More...

Published on Feb 24,2021 11:52 AM

Not Love But Death

By Aashi Krishnatray in Stories | Reads: 134 | Likes: 2

It took me a lot of time to realize that love stories are not always like Jane Austen books. Nor every love story is as exciting as Pride and Prejudice. Sometimes it is sadder, with no happy ending.  This story isn't about love it is about death.  "Honey! Please come down, at least eat something"   Read More...

Published on Feb 22,2021 11:35 AM

A good Friend

By Aashi Krishnatray in Poetry | Reads: 77 | Likes: 0

The thing is- As simple as it is,  The Moment you feel the need for a friend,  I am there,  by your side.  As a friend as I am.  Now the deed is,  The moment I tell,  you are there too Holding my hand,  As a friend as good as you can.   Read More...

Published on Feb 18,2021 03:12 PM


By Aashi Krishnatray in Stories | Reads: 143 | Likes: 1

When I reached, he was sitting there, looking around. I slowed and pretended that I had not seen him. I started looking as if I didn’t notice him; it’s a trick to use when you don’t want to start the conversation. “Noor? Hey!” He called out; I turned and pretended that I was shocked. “I   Read More...

Published on Feb 14,2021 03:56 PM

Different Love

By Aashi Krishnatray in Stories | Reads: 142 | Likes: 1

My Love's different. Different from many. It is not she or he. It is it. It is not a person to be particular. It is a sense. A feeling. And maybe very few may understand this. It may sound weird to many. But don't you think that your happiness is your biggest love? That your own smile is love. Not o  Read More...

Published on Feb 16,2021 10:51 PM

Until none of it remains, in my heart and your's

By Aashi Krishnatray in Poetry | Reads: 466 | Likes: 1

You think I’m Ok? No, I’m not, You think I’m fine? No, it’s not. You think it was a joke? No, for me it wasn’t Until none of it remains, In my heart and yours We won’t stop, because discrimination is not Ok! In my life and yours & anyone else’s Cause   Read More...

Published on Jun 13,2020 11:19 PM

When they were happy, when they were sad

By Aashi Krishnatray in Poetry | Reads: 392 | Likes: 1

Once I was running, with a feeling amazing, Happiness tingling and sadness fading. Then I stopped, stood there for a while, And looked behind. No one was there, For me when I was happy, For me when I was sad. & I thought- Have I left loved ones behind? In this run of mine. Where I wasn’  Read More...

Published on Jun 13,2020 11:12 PM

When we grew apart

By Aashi Krishnatray in General Literary | Reads: 209 | Likes: 1

As days had passed and happiness found its way to everyone’s heart it was time for the big task now, rising. With the ‘one -way end’ kind of life through which she lived; nothing could have taken the peace she wore now.  The past had been different from the present, drastica  Read More...

Published on Jun 13,2020 10:59 PM

Time & Deal

By Aashi Krishnatray in Crime | Reads: 226 | Likes: 0

"I will tell you when the time is right, not now,” She stated “I understand, I have been waiting for it always, for the first time tell me, did you kill him?” I asked  “Not the right time Kiara, not the right time, but I assure you: belief in me and I am there for you,   Read More...

Published on Jun 13,2020 06:31 PM

Broken Hearts

By Aashi Krishnatray in Thriller | Reads: 288 | Likes: 2

Was it a dream or was it the truth? Truth often lies. No, it doesn’t, of course, it doesn’t. It’s not supposed to It’s a pure lie, a white lie. But why I am not able to believe this? This can’t be true, means it is a lie. Truth often lies. No, No! I told myself ever  Read More...

Published on Jun 13,2020 06:25 PM

Seeing My Future

By Aashi Krishnatray in Poetry | Reads: 198 | Likes: 0

When I see far away I can see my future It is a mixture of all, of all the wonders The Dust swirling The flowers blooming The mountain climbing & The sun shining   This is my future, I can see it, If no one believes this I can make it,  Just believe in yourself you future will be th  Read More...

Published on May 30,2020 11:00 PM


By Aashi Krishnatray in Poetry | Reads: 169 | Likes: 0

When you read a book You read every word of it And live every minute of it.   Read More...

Published on May 30,2020 08:59 PM

If you want to gain

By Aashi Krishnatray in Poetry | Reads: 379 | Likes: 0

                                                         If you want to gain something That was yours Leave what wasn’t   Read More...

Published on May 30,2020 08:56 PM

What Happened in the woods?

By Aashi Krishnatray in Mystery | Reads: 265 | Likes: 0

When we rise, every day of our lives. What do we have in our minds? What makes us rise and get up with abundant, less or no enthusiasm. With whatever thought we rise or whatever sort of behaviour we have, we rise but why do we? An urge to enhance and mount up and see what a new day of life can be,   Read More...

Published on May 30,2020 08:52 PM

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