Jannie Fernandes

Writer | Poet | Podcaster
Writer | Poet | Podcaster

I run out of words when it comes to writing about myself. I can describe how magical it is to watch the skies change colours and how the stars make me feel, but I can never form words to describe what it leaves me with. I have been a psychic, emotional, quiet and extremely sensitive person but also the merriest counselor and a great adviser- to others. And on certain days when I advise myself, I end up falling in trouble. :)Read More...


Starlight & Seashells

Books by Jannie F.

A few glimpses of the scars you're left with from someone else's wounds, a few glimpses of how it is drown and still bloom. These words hold emotions from the chapters that I have outgrown, and also from the stories that held me tenderly.

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When this is over. - (To the long distance lovers)

By Jannie Fernandes in Poetry | Reads: 284 | Likes: 1

I know it will, probably soon enough, and when it is I’ll hold you in my arms, so close to me. In those short moments, I’d love you with all I can and kiss away all the emotions from your lips and rub mine against yours. I’d caress your skin and feel the warmth of it under my fingers.  I’d  Read More...

Published on Feb 22,2021 06:48 PM

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