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Chandrayan Gupta

Author, professional blogger, and law student.
Author, professional blogger, and law student.

Chandrayan Gupta is a young author of psychological crime thriller fiction. He has written 100+ articles and achieved 3x Top Writer status on Medium, where his primary areas of focus are mental health, books, and writing. When not writing, he attends to his duties as a law student at Amity University, Kolkata.Read More...


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Too Far Gone

Books by Chandrayan Gupta

A teenager sees a bleeding girl with blue hair beckoning him for help before collapsing. When he reaches her location, he finds no one there. No girl, no blood, nothing. Meanwhile, the beautiful, emotionally damaged private investigator Radha Bose and her clinically depressed aide Aditya Gokhale are still dealing with the fallout from the events of The Rage Within. While Radha struggles with the blood on her hands, Aditya finds himself sinking deeper into the

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Birth of a Duo

Books by Chandrayan Gupta

Aditya Gokhale, a cynical, clinically depressed teenager, and Radha Bose, a former soldier who quit to become a private investigator due to PTSD, end up working together. Their first case - to determine whether the death of a television actor's son was a murder or suicide. Will the unlikely partnership flourish, or will it crash and burn? Will Aditya and Radha grow closer through shared pain, or will that very pain ensure their failure?

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The Rage Within

Books by Chandrayan Gupta

Aditya Gokhale and Radha Bose, now co-workers in the latter’s private detective agency, face the most daunting task in their careers so far – to track down the culprit in a 17-year old kidnapping turned murder. With Aditya’s depression causing him to become more unstable by the day, and Radha’s psyche coming perilously close to shattering due to the resurfacing of a past adversary, will the two be able to put their issues aside and rise to the occasion? W

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Moving On

By Chandrayan Gupta in General Literary | Reads: 828 | Likes: 0

 The beggar glanced to his right, and saw that the young man in his late twenties was back again. He had been coming here, to the dimly lit and barren street, every day for the past week. All he ever did was stare for hours at end out at the lake running alongside the street. His face would reg  Read More...

Published on Mar 22,2020 09:47 PM

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