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My Balladry Of Thirty

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"My Balladry Of Thirty" is a book which reveals out the betrayal in love. The promises that one makes but doesn't fulfills... The love that doesn't have an existence.... The love which can't be defined... One person betrays the other just because of a third person and doesn't look back at 'em... Unknowingly a sadness and agony can be seen in the betrayed person.... The person cries in his/her heart but can't express it.... He/she gets involved with other girls /g

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Broken Heart

By swaranjalee dutta in Romance | Reads: 323 | Likes: 1

It's when I first saw him. He was eagerly waiting for me. I was with my father. I introduced him with my dad. He smiled. He was a shy type of guy. And his smile always gives me an amazing pleasure every single time. I asked him, "Since how long have you been waiting?" He lied replying, 'I've just ar  Read More...

Published on Mar 22,2020 07:20 PM

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