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Modern Life Stress

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Stress is a common problem generated by modern lifestyle. Most of us often walk around with constant worries of some sort, and financial worries remains right at the top of that list for most of us. Some of us have constant worries that have snow-balled into ulcers. We have millions of people on anti-depressants, anti-anxiety medications, or self-medicating with drugs and alcohol.

Despite all this, struggling with stress is often seen as a weakness of mind or will. Seeing a therapist or going on psych medications both have huge stigmas attached to them. Furthermore our high-speed, high-stress lifestyles just make things from bad to worse. We all agree that stress is a common problem; however it is not one that is commonly addressed as a priority or with understanding.

This book attempts to make a difference to all these. This book is not about a quick fix to all your problems. Neither it is going to teach you any magic formula that will melt away all your stress and leave you completely calm and happy for the rest of your life.

“Modern life stress” is a book exploring the complete picture of stress in our modern lives and in modern society. It explains the origins of stress, the different types of stress in our lives, and how stress actually benefits us, and the effects of stress on our bodies. It then goes on to give strategies for responding to and minimizing your stress and helps you to come up with a stress-reduction plan. Finally, it addresses chronic and severe stress in our lives, how to cope with it, and when to seek professional help. The 7th chapter moves from dealing with stress in our own lives to helping to manage the stress of those around us.

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The Manbhum Village Boy

Books by Bhut Nath Mahato

Born on 3rd January 1968, at Purulia in West Bengal, Dr Bhut Nath Mahato specialized in Sociology from Bhopal University, Bhopal. He is not an author by profession but his mere
enthusiasm of reaching out to the needy young generation to share his thoughts and wisdom is the compelling force in writing this book. With warmth and affection, he remembers the people who had helped and left a deep impression and shaped his life as he was growing up from a child to a young man and the lessons he learned from them.

He describes his small village, loving and caring parents, close friends of his hostel life and his mentors Late Rev Fr Laurence Joseph Hunt SJ, Sister Marceline SCN and Bridget SND. The Book accounts vividly the sensational years of his childhood. His ambition to excel in life and inspiring thoughts may give direction and meaning to life of young readers. This book quotes his life situations and challenges which are common to thousands of Indians. It beautifully narrates how he surmounted challenges of life and continued to grow to achieve his dreams of life.

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