Dr. Divya Mishra

Doctor and a forever lover of words.
Doctor and a forever lover of words.


Mine & Yours

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Mine & Yours is a collection of poetry. It is a storehouse of feelings that hit every person at some point in time, sometimes feelings hit hard. It also depicts a tale of being strong yet delicate, a story of loving yet losing, questions to self and also the answers. We all own the individuals we are, we own our individuality making us different from each other. But still what keeps us twined together is the feelings. As a human, we all feel the emotions of p

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By Dr. Divya Mishra in Poetry | Reads: 316 | Likes: 0

Pause In the chaos and run to be perfect Have we forgotten to feel the feeling? To be beautiful of someone else's kind, have we forgotten to be our own kind of beautiful. To fit in the definition of others, have we forgotten to frame one. We started to just finish. The journey we should have lived   Read More...

Published on Mar 23,2020 11:43 AM

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