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Sneha Hembram


Encountered Confession

Books by Sneha Hembram

Based upon real ghost stories which has been exprienced & encountered are being confessed.

Relive & feel the uncanny situation again while reading this book.

Ride the journey of unearthly entities.

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Books by Sneha Hembram

Microtales consisting of different paranormal occourance, all fictional.

Expreience the fear dwelling within as you move forwards with stories...

Tales which will keep you awake all night. 

Change the old tradition of reading fairy tales while falling sleep, now the feary tales are introduced.

Enjoy the horror rides.

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Bio War (COVID - 19)

By Sneha Hembram in War Story | Reads: 205 | Likes: 0

The year 2020 is dealing with bio war declared by the virus name CORONA also called COVID - 19 as it was discovered in year 2019. The whole world is effected by this virus as it transmit really fast from person to person. This virus is new so there are no vaccine yet. The only thing which can  Read More...

Published on Mar 31,2020 08:46 AM

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