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Fabrication Processes

Books by Sudhir Gandhi

The book is a summary of 50 years of hands on experience in the field of fabrication by the author in Fabrication of pressure vessels and heat exchangers , providing excellent tool for working professionals in the field as a check list and also like SOP to minimise errors during processes and maximise operational efficiency.

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Books by Sudhir Gandhi

Senior citizens have their own share of problems. They have plenty of experience of life if nothing else. Unfortunately, they are left alone, and no one is there to share whatever they have.

The child is continuously attended by parents sharing its joy of childhood by becoming child with him. Young bubbling with enthusiasm and expectations is with friends to share the experiences and parents trying to be in same foot meeting with expectations.

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Books by Sudhir Gandhi

The story narrates about mothers’ eagerness to make her child very intelligent and superbly skilled by any means pressing him too hard for development of abilities and in this process, the child misses pleasures of his childhood. It deals with development of a child in orphanage & suffering for no fault on his part unless society members extend proper support to him for a better life.

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Mr. Patel’s business had expanded over last year and was unable to manage with only Mr. Munim as his assistant. He appointed one management consultant who advised him after study of his working and charging heavy fees that he will have to adopt new management tools to save time and money on pa  Read More...

Published on Jul 7,2022 11:20 AM

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