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Cornucopia Of Thoughts

Books by Prerna Khemani Kabra, Lalitha Sridhar, Subha Tharuvai Nilakantan

The book has a collection of poems by three women authors, Prerna Khemani Kabra, Lalitha Sridhar and Subha Tharuvai Nilakantan, who have poured their creativities and imaginations by means of words. The poems carry various emotions, nuances, feelings and perceptions by touching several dimensions. These sentiments are captured in this book for an interesting read. Reading these poems is going to be a different experience. The meaningful and impressive cover

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By Prerna Khemani in Poetry | Reads: 366 | Likes: 0

औरत वह बेटी है, जिसने बस अभी होश की चादर समेटी है, माता पिता के आँचल में पली बढ़ी है ; मगर बड़े होते होते इतनी तसल्ली तो  Read More...

Published on Mar 27,2020 12:50 PM

Be yourself

By Prerna Khemani in Poetry | Reads: 441 | Likes: 0

Be Yourself With pale face and eyes brown, She wondered why she was feeling down; What was it that was bothering her? But no answer was well enough to heal her wound. Such a cheerful girl I am , she thought, Always smiling and spirits so high; Then why am I feeling so low? What is it that is stopp  Read More...

Published on Mar 27,2020 11:43 AM

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