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Dr Kashmira Goghavalla

Musings of My Heart

Books by Dr. Kashmira P. Goghavalla

'Musings Of My Heart' is a beautiful first anthology by Kashmira Goghavalla, a sensitive and deeply introspective poet, expressing her earnest reflections on the transient nature of materialistic pleasures, the limitations and challenges of worldly life as well as the heart’s longing for the Vast, the Infinite, the Eternal. Her deep inner explorations are mirrored in these poems which trace her spiritual journey from her early struggle with her personal

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LOCKDOWN: Is it a BLESSING Disguised as a CURSE!??

By Dr Kashmira Goghavalla in Poetry | Reads: 288 | Likes: 0

LOCKDOWN!! IS IT A Blessing Disguised as A Curse!?? A Blessing to mankind, To which we are blind. Has come as a forced punishment, For us to cherish our incomplete accomplishment. We complained all day... There is no time to go that way. Abundant time was gifted to us, But we thought, we were bein  Read More...

Published on Apr 29,2020 06:56 PM

At Kali's Feet: Kao Maa

By Dr Kashmira Goghavalla in Poetry | Reads: 133 | Likes: 0

( A short poem inspired by the 'Karo Maa satsang' ~ by Rajiv Kapur https://youtu.be/7zKPOr0A1Dw ) At Kali’s Feet : Karo Maa "Everything has taken a long pause.... We humans locked behind our doors... Is there some hidden cause??? There seems to be some internal flaw.... We blame the virus f  Read More...

Published on Mar 23,2020 08:41 PM

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