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Anil Kumar

Horticulturist, Entomologist, Writer, Photographer
Horticulturist, Entomologist, Writer, Photographer


A Whisper of My Heart

Books by Anil K Arora

A whisper of my heart is a handpicked collection of original pieces of writings by Anil K Arora and Shreya Kashyap. The book paints all the emotions and possible words with deep meaning. So get ready to smile, cry, laugh, blush, and shiver with just one book. Everything will hit you like a fresh breeze of emotions and will relax your soul just like a cup of tea.  

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alfaaz - e - rahguzar

Books by Anil K. Arora

Alfaaz - e - rahguzar is an anthology (a book that is a combination of the Poem, Story, Shayari, and Couplets). 
The book is compiled by Anil K. Arora, a happy go person, who desires to paint the paradise with colors of his words.     
The various writers who contributed to the book are: 

Simran Bhatti, who is a civil service applicant and is running her Instagram page @marvellous_lekhika.

Aditi Dhwal, Just an

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Rooh - e - Khwabeeda

Books by Mr. Oreo

The Book Rooh - e - Khwabeeda is a poetry book. It includes shayari, couplets, poems, and more related to love, romance.. this book is not for commercial purpose. Its just created for my loved one.

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Basics of Insect Science

Books by Anil Kumar

This book includes the Morphology of insects, some parts of the anatomy, insect ecology, insect pests of field crops and integrated pest management techniques. this book will surely be helpful for the students of agriculture and horticulture students. the book contains all the required information for the basics of Insect Science.

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सम्पूर्ण गाइड सेब उत्पादन का

Books by अनिल के. अरोड़ा

यह पुस्तक बढ़ते सेब से संबंधित समस्याओं को ध्यान में रखते हुए बनाई गई है। इस पुस्तक में सभी संभावित समस्याओं पर चर्चा की गई है। यह किसानों के लिए एक संपूर्ण कदम है। इस पुस्तक में स

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