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Saima Anwer

Writer by passion.
Writer by passion.


Lane of emotions

Books by Saima Anwer

A book in which turmoil of emotions has been beautifully depicted in the form of poems. It will uplift your mood while you have your favourite cup of tea or coffee.

The poems in this collection hover around the situations and moments when your life gets influenced by the perception of your heart. It describes how time changes and make us to live with that change and not just survive because life is all about to strive.

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Books by Saima Anwer

Rooh-e-Idrak is a multifarious composition of poetry which will mesmerize you. It highlights the different stages of perception. "Riwaaz-e-zindagi hai ke pasand badalti hai waqt ke sath.. Phir bhi kuch shaukh hai jo kabhi jaate nahi.."

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अपना कहे जाते है

By Saima Anwer in Poetry | Reads: 694 | Likes: 2

हर किसी से कहे भी नहीं जातेजज़्बात वो बिन लिखे रहे भी नहीं जाते सुनता कौन है यहाँ किसी कीमतलब की डोर सेसब बन्धे चले   Read More...

Published on Aug 29,2020 04:56 PM

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