Alisha Sattar

A student and aspiring writer.
A student and aspiring writer.


Era in me: A black hole

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This spontaneous overflow of emotions is triggered by observing the society and these times .The collection enfolds the conditions of our ambience being vitiated by the bleak minds. Bringing into focus the invariably emphasized issues such as gender equality, dilemmas ensued with the entry into a critical age of an individual, inescapable, poverty and so on. This scribbling while through the process agitated my soul thinking if the scenes I beheld and bec

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Enough & More

By Alisha Sattar in True Story | Reads: 2,196 | Likes: 1

The modest room of Andlib scarcely bared any pomp in its dull walls, dusty floor, distracted papers, a laptop, and a personal journal that was half clenched to the table and the rest hanging like a ropewalker, in the space. Stirring a few steps further beside the upset desk, one could detect two ste  Read More...

Published on Jul 1,2022 01:27 PM

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