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The Road to Somewhere

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   ‘The Road to Somewhere’ is an eclectic collection of poems written by Papia Ghosh over the years. They contain her experiences and the invaluable lessons learnt while treading along the lanes and bylanes of life in search of an ideal place called ‘Somewhere’ where rainbows fill the sky, and the earth is strewn with sparkles of magic.

    Many of these poems have won a place in prestigious national and inte

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The Circus

By Papia Ghosh in Life Journey | Reads: 1,405 | Likes: 0

           Through the kaleidoscope of time, I can see my tall grandfather standing at the threshold of his dispensary with my tiny hand secure in his, ready for our evening stroll, when a tall well-built man strode up the well-worn steps of our por  Read More...

Published on Jun 27,2022 09:01 PM

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