Saptarshi Bhowmick

Poet and a Thinker
Poet and a Thinker

Being a thinker and poet sometimes makes him a subject of ridicule. In society, Saptarshi Bhowmick can't express himself with spoken words. So, he turns to Poetry; writing about imagination that blooms under reality. He curated worlds, made out of the sordid lamination of a thoughtful mind. Locally famous for his bilingual poems, Saptarshi lives in Berhampore, India. His poems had been published internationally, including The Rainbow Poems, Tofu Ink Art Press, The Antonym, Wingless Dreamers, Sparked Literary Magazine, MOIDA, The Compass Magazine, SeaGlass Lit.Read More...


My Hereditary Experience Vol. 2

Books by Saptarshi Bhowmick

Benevolence of Knowledge and Acknowledgement has a unique connection. We consider knowledge as if it is granted, but often forget the real issue of a human being which lies in the sense of his acknowledgement. Every knowledgeable thing deserved to get an acknowledgement. The ideas he has or the views he cherishes all in one has a complete idea of generalization. My Poems are no different, it has its knowledge. And I also acknowledge life and society for provid

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My Hereditary Experience Vol. 1

Books by Saptarshi Bhowmick

My Hereditary Experience is a poem collection, written in different verses. And each one of them provides different aspects of different subjects. My idea to combine them into a piece is quite peculiar.

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Love in a Glasgow-boat

By Saptarshi Bhowmick in Poetry | Reads: 370 | Likes: 1

In this glass board of you and me,  A new enticement will follow,  Sober and sweet, the sensation recalls The brith of an infant tomorrow.  I, with the numbness inside,  Shouts for care and lulling,  Often the Glasgow boat will rhyme Hymen of sleeping beauties, humming_ "The clouds with their   Read More...

Published on Feb 19,2021 07:21 PM

The Story of Bruises

By Saptarshi Bhowmick in Horror | Reads: 865 | Likes: 2

There’s a dog on the street; tattered and bruised-mark all over him. But he had something of a pride, you know. My colony is full of street dogs and he has a different place in them. No one ever tried to screw with him. He never asked for food, never mends in other’s business. Just   Read More...

Published on May 28,2020 12:21 AM

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