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Writer, motivator .


What else I wish!

By Amir Raza in Poetry | Reads: 142 | Likes: 0

The abyss of my life I want to fill with your auspicious smile As the number says infinity I want to love till eternity! Why don't you understand the silence of my talks, wave in my eyes, the ripples of my heart when it murmurs and rushes with the adrenaline, whenever it discerns you or perhaps yo  Read More...

Published on Feb 21,2021 08:28 AM

Promises or responsibility

By Amir Raza in Poetry | Reads: 87 | Likes: 1

Promises or responsibility Few oaths or all the duty, Like the others commit The commitment of being for eternity Won't I do like someone does exactly, But I will do everything to snatch all your worry That's exactly what I call the responsibility When I will hear your voices it will be in worry I'  Read More...

Published on Feb 21,2021 08:27 AM

Wind trapped between us!

By Amir Raza in Poetry | Reads: 133 | Likes: 1

Wind trapped between us Cuddling, huddling, and squeezing each other Glued like the paint on the new wall as the tapestry Gleaming like the firewood in the midst surf, To capture the warmth of the sun I need to have your soul along with the spirit of the heart Entangled in my eyes where the devotio  Read More...

Published on Feb 21,2021 08:24 AM

Humming dream!

By Amir Raza in Poetry | Reads: 78 | Likes: 1

A songbird humming at the window Inviting the falling stars to the bed, Where I slept Dreaming the elegance of angelic The grin on my face Celebrating the dawn of my life, Love blew the Zephyr  Like the sun-kissed face Gleaming graciously as the fleeting of poets! Profound in the heart Myriad emot  Read More...

Published on Feb 21,2021 08:22 AM

The concealed warmth.

By Amir Raza in Poetry | Reads: 92 | Likes: 1

As long as I keep the secret I will slay the emotions which want to thrive that I put behind the bars invariably When it shows the sensations To love someone, to be loved like Romeo loved Juliet, Heer adored Ranjha, Shereen cherished Farhad, Laila consecrated Majnu, But there are my emotions Thrivin  Read More...

Published on Feb 21,2021 08:20 AM

Flickering Devotion.

By Amir Raza in Poetry | Reads: 128 | Likes: 1

Blinking hymns Deserted boulevard Little impervious rain As the bird wandered ahead  Orpheus as the thinking psyche A little bit nervous, Sacred the soul but scared  I Surmised a little bit about the moment Isolated from the abyss Serenity devoid of bedlam chirping, Just me and the soul of you Ins  Read More...

Published on Feb 21,2021 08:18 AM

When Love arrives!

By Amir Raza in Poetry | Reads: 82 | Likes: 0

When love arrives You find yourself Dancing with jitters in your bellies Elation in the tiny thumping of your heart Invariably checking phones and desktop In the era of modernity, You find yourself stalking at her dp Gazing at her all the activities, You find something ensuing in the thumping of hea  Read More...

Published on Feb 15,2021 08:39 AM

No more guesses!

By Amir Raza in Poetry | Reads: 87 | Likes: 0

No more guesses! No more guesses Too many dresses I wore and changed Countless perfume I scented on my wall For the day to be inhaled by her breathe! The swirled and tousled my hair Against the mirror chattering in mind Dressing outside with a decent posture  Wrapping soul with the heartfelt words  Read More...

Published on Feb 15,2021 08:37 AM

A crush!

By Amir Raza in Poetry | Reads: 98 | Likes: 1

Some days I watch over the glasses On the streets Gazing through the persons to persons Finding a someone Who is everyone For me, My heart and shadow companion with the profound heart Spectacled with the auspicious grin As the magic arises into the hormones The rush of Adrenaline or dopamine I don't  Read More...

Published on Feb 15,2021 08:35 AM

The Mumbled Thoughts

By Amir Raza in Poetry | Reads: 212 | Likes: 0

Two thoughts mumbled in my mind  Created an ample silence for me behind, confused between two lines, as just as fair What to choose , what not to choose with some fear. I doubted myself with a heave Will it be the right one? Or will I loose myself? Between the thoughts I couldn't realized Get  Read More...

Published on May 3,2020 05:13 PM

A step in dream.

By Amir Raza in Sci-fi | Reads: 635 | Likes: 1

Ayan a curious eleven years old boy always wanted to explore the world, nor by traveling but by his imagination. He was always lost on the mystery of the atmosphere, one day in a night while walking on the  terrace , he saw the twinkling of star's in the atmosphere, and instant he thought that   Read More...

Published on Apr 22,2020 09:39 AM

A Poem

By Amir Raza in Poetry | Reads: 215 | Likes: 1

A poem A poem can be beautiful without rhythm or rhyme or a particular line can shine A poem with misspellings or incorrect translate. A poem can take as deep without fancy words or a nice font. a poem is written from the heart to give much more value It is the emotion And the expression of fee  Read More...

Published on Apr 21,2020 09:24 PM

Doctors are soldiers of life.

By Amir Raza in Poetry | Reads: 649 | Likes: 1

Doctors are soldiers of life You approach with the white apron The black pain that never rests, A beam of light appears in your steps This brings dream, favour and hope. With a smile a warm heart ♥️ You sit next to the beds  When Human eyes stare at you As the unexpected heavenly hero  Read More...

Published on Apr 21,2020 09:12 PM

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