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Rachana Chakraborty

professor, public speaker
professor, public speaker


Books by Mrs. Monjoyee Sharma Patgiri

The soul is always in pursuit of joy, peace, contentment, and divinity as it embarks on a journey of life and beyond, leaving traces of memories behind. The poems in the book explore Nature's bounty, life, love, and death amidst hope and optimism.

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Meandering Silence

Books by Mrs. Rachana Chakraborty

The book is a collection of scrambled thoughts associated with several memories. The memories are the outpourings of thoughts which was never told.

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The Chosen One [ VOLUME-2 ]

Books by Creative Writing Modern Age

The book is a collection of winning poems, essays, and short stories. The selection was made from several "Literary Contests" "Essay Writing Contest" & "Most Admired writer of the Month".
The content in the book is the personal opinion of every writer himself/herself. They in any way don't reflect the opinions of the Creative Writing Modern Age. Any commissions or errors are the authors and Creative Writing does not assume any liability or responsibility f

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Books by Creative Writing Modern Age

Some years ago when I was pensive, it was then that I thought that I should start writing to express and hence ended up making this group on Facebook. In the course of time, I discovered that there were many ailing souls like me and slowly we became a huge group where we now share our feelings through our writings. This gave me solace and we started motivating writers to write and also read out their own composed poems. The group Creative Writing Modern A

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By Rachana Chakraborty in Life Journey | Reads: 253 | Likes: 2

I met my school friend after two decades…But was horrified to see her totally changed. Geeta was an all-rounder during school days, full of life, jovial, and a complete capsule of positivity. But now she came across as completely dejected. Actually, the dark circles under her eyes were troubl  Read More...

Published on Jun 29,2022 12:37 AM

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