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“The most beautiful thing in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart." - Helen Keller
She clutched Dinu’s hand as tightly as she could hoping fervently that if she holds him tightly, she might be able to hold his life back. They were holding onto each other for that  one last  time in hope of some miracle. She might have hundred reasons to complain, but thousands to feel blessed and cherished.

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By Lolita in General Literary | Reads: 127 | Likes: 0

Shaun was a young boy who was afraid of everything. He could not ride a bicycle as he was scared of falling and hurting himself. Could not swim as he feared of drowning. He was afraid of the dark and therefore he could not sleep alone. His father always scolded him for this behaviour and his friends  Read More...

Published on May 21,2020 05:23 PM

True Friend

By Lolita in Poetry | Reads: 158 | Likes: 0

Some are far and some quite near Yet when I am lonely why do I fear Some are a call away and few are in thoughts But the joy of knowing oneself can never be fraught.   The fingers that first wipe away my tears , are mineThe eyes that sparkle and gleam when I laugh aloud are also mine.So how com  Read More...

Published on May 14,2020 07:40 PM

No God in a temple

By Lolita in Poetry | Reads: 189 | Likes: 0

I can find no God in a temple, for I see a Rock there.I find him in the blazing hot lightAnd under the breezy moonlit night.In the mountains, in the meadows and the streams gushing by,Breathing life into our very existence,Spreading joy and smiles. How can we ever lock him in a single placeWhen the   Read More...

Published on May 14,2020 07:35 PM

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