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Dear Mom,
I am sorry I was not so good—rather bad—when I was with you. I regret all my wrongdoings
and I am paying for it in the form of my daughter. Although I have good days, with my little
girl, and she always makes me smile but then we have those fights and misunderstandings
that me and you had. I repent for my misdeeds towards you and all the anger and hatred
I showed you when I started understanding the world. I had forgo

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Hindu Dieties

Books by Sanjana Butala

Have you ever wondered why Shiva wears the Rudraksha?
Did you ever wish to know the meanings of Lord Ganesha’s names?
Have you ever thought how to teach your child about Hindu Gods?
Or maybe even wanted to learn at least the common Hindu deities and their special attributes?

Well then my friend, you’ve picked the right book.
Hindu Deities has evolved out of the need to give youngsters today a new approach to followi

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