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Sowndar Krishna R S

Civil Design Engineer, Writer & Life Counselor
Civil Design Engineer, Writer & Life Counselor

Born and boarded on this life journey from Tiruppur, the textile city of Tamil Nadu, India, Sowndar Krishna wants to achieve something in life, something meaningful and worth living in this world. He completed his schooling from Vikas Vidhyalaya Matric Higher Secondary School. He is 22 years old and a graduate working professional Civil Engineer. He loves to get into everything he likes to do, not only just getting in, but also being passionate. He is young by looks and very old and experienced by heart. He has been through many things that not all people go through at this age and handled every situation with a cool mind and a calm soul. He is a man of failures, who hates failures. He is a lover of nature, Mr. Traveller, Heart Healer, advisor, avid reader, and a published certified writer. One year ago, after his degree, when he turned back to see what else he developed apart from being the best Civil Engineer of his batch, he doesn’t find something soulful, something is missing and when he searched for that missing part of him, he found the writer in him. So he started to write, write on every inner feeling of him, of the hearts of other people, the society, and the impacts of humans on it. Apart from a writer, he manages his Instagram page, where he gives free life counseling to people in need. He loves to be fit and started his gym life and soon to be a model too in the near future. Also, He loves music and wants to be a flute artist too. Within this first year of writing, he has achieved two “World Records” for being the co-author of the “World’s Largest and Thinnest Anthologies”, and a published writer of more than thirty anthologies and compiler of two, “Solitaire” & "Zhagarapinai". With all these, He will soon achieve great heights in his professional life as well as in his passions too.

He’s available on Instagram with the username - @sowndar.krishna_1717 


Krishna's crush Seetha...!

By Sowndar Krishna R S in Romance | Reads: 452 | Likes: 11

Krishna's crush Seetha...!                                                                               

Published on Apr 6,2020 02:20 PM

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