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The Life Behind the Bars

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This is a book based on my experience in Rehabilitation center. I have been in rehabilitation center for about 2 months in Nalbari, Assam.  I have tried to analyze the events there and the reasons that led me there. The experience has changed my life forever and those 2 months was a journey inside me to understand me better. I hope you will love reading the book and it is written in simple English so that each and every one can have access to the book. Va

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The Diary of a Teenager

Books by Neptune Barman

This is book based on my life. I have tried to give you an approch to love and relationship. As a teenager i have tried to express my feelings of heart from my exprience.

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The Barren Heart

Books by Neptune Barman

This book will act like a mirror of your life. Each time you want to escape the world and hide somewhere ,just open the pages and hide between the pages. I have been writing poetry since i was in school and am writing till the date.You can see the transformation of your life and travel in the time. The poems in this book are for you,read once and please leave your footprint on my heart.

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By Neptune Barman in Young Adult Fiction | Reads: 1,567 | Likes: 3

It was a dark night when the memories of past triggered my mind. People gathered around meto stop me follow those memories of past, but I was determined to meet her and bring her back. I step foot and the entire force appeared in my eyes; I was not afraid but I was in anger. The night was the night,  Read More...

Published on Oct 13,2022 02:31 PM

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