The complexity between generations

By Ram in True Story | Reads: 273 | Likes: 0

Generations!! There’s never any problem with the same generation but there’s always problem with predecessors or successors. Why? We never try to understand the people from same generation but always brain storm to understand about other generations. In India particularly, people always find mis  Read More...

Published on Sep 9,2020 05:09 PM

What’s with the Marriage (Part-3)

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Post Divorce! The first thing that happens after a divorce is the non acceptance by the society. Which in turn leads to a bad impact on the person mainly speaking on the woman. Always and always, marriage and divorce are decisions but why one is celebrated and the other is stigmatized. The impact so  Read More...

Published on Sep 8,2020 01:59 PM

What’s with the Marriage (Part-2)

By Ram in Romance | Reads: 464 | Likes: 0

Divorce! Life will be obviously different and difficult after a divorce. But it isn’t supposed to be that way or it isn’t planned to be that way. Some relations aren’t meant to be forever. That’s it. When speaking about the marriages in India, its the love marriages that are failing to be th  Read More...

Published on Sep 8,2020 01:51 PM

What’s with the Marriage (Part -1)

By Ram in Romance | Reads: 336 | Likes: 1

Marriage! Indian constitution made Minimum age as 21 and Indian society made the maximum age as 30. What’s wrong with the marriage in late 30s or 40s? Parents think to have their children to start a family soon so that they don’t do something that’s not according to their wish. Strictly speaki  Read More...

Published on Sep 8,2020 01:46 PM

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