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Garima Gupta

Psychologist, Happiness & Parenting Coach
Psychologist, Happiness & Parenting Coach

 Garima Gupta is a Psychologist and Happiness Coach. She is also an Award-Winning Author of several books including The Body Nirvana, First Teach Your Kid To (Succeed) Fail and Birth of Sibling. She is a Parenting Expert on Momspresso - India’s largest parenting portal. Her articles have been translated into various regional languages. Garima returned to India after 5 years of learning about Wellness and Rehabilitation in the US. She established her counselling practice in India and has been helping clients for the past 12 years. Garima writes extensively on Mind Body Wellness and Mindful Parenting. Garima’s repertoire includes several holistic health techniques like Mindfulness, EFT or Tapping Technique, Presence Oriented Psychotherapy, Shadow-to-Gold transformation etc. Garima is a trained Kathak dancer, Tango dancer, classical singer and performs an old Hindi number on the stage every once in a while! Garima won the 2019 International Book Award in Health, 2018 Orange Flower Award Finalist by Women's Web, 2018 Readers’ Favourite 5 Star among others.


30 Spiritual Affirmations For Energy Healing

Books by Garima Gupta

30 Spiritual Affirmations for Energy Healing is born of meditation on one's higher truths. Reading one positive statement daily and letting them soak into our awareness powerfully turns our life towards abiding happiness.

Each page is divine music in colours. The words are meant to stir something deep that has been slumbering within us. Pick this up as a gift for yourself or a loved one.

"I am sitting under a 'kalpa-vriksha' or a wish fulfillin

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I’m Going To Be A Big Brother

Books by Garima Gupta

Tell your older child about the 'good news' that a baby is on the way, the right way! This books helps avoid sibling jealousy. It is written by a psychologist and parenting coach. 

Aadu has just heard that he is going to be a big brother soon. But he doesn’t know anything about babies! What do they eat, where do they sleep? Will the new baby ruin everything? Aadu also secretly worries that when the baby comes, his parents may stop loving him

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Miraya Amma's Children

By Garima Gupta in Fantasy | Reads: 492 | Likes: 3

It's a clear summer day in Devun. There is a large gathering of a cheerful crowd in the Bada Bagh. It’s the fifth wedding party in as many days. Under the canopy of trees, the bride and groom are blushing as their college friends playfully tease them. Miraya Amma sighs as she looks on. Back in  Read More...

Published on Apr 3,2020 05:49 PM

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