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Moushmi Radhanpara


Author of POSIES and 03:21 AM: An Ode to Rust & Restlessness, Resignation of an Angel is Moushmi Radhanpara’s third poetry collection. Her works have been published at various online literary magazines and she has also been a contributing writer for anthology collections namely, ‘Mirage’ and ‘The Lockdown Stories’. As a participant of NANOWRIMO 2020, she finished the first draft of her current work in progress, a novel titled Sarees & Shoes as of now. She has a Ph.D. in overthinking, is normal outside, a little complicated inside, lives in a fantasy world- reading and writing, and isRead More...


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Resignation of an Angel

Books by Moushmi Radhanpara

She is meek, she is mild, she is water, she is fire. She is who she is. Myriad colors embracing her, a sense of delight, a loss at failure, an emblem of courage, a shield of love. Resignation of an Angel is a poetry collection capturing every phase, every shade of a woman. It is but a small canvas with as many artists & colors as possible & just as many imperfections & abstract wings to fly. A dream, a desire. 

"Resignation of an Angel'' is an out

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03:21 AM

Books by Moushmi Radhanpara

One day everything is fine, you are going about your life as you used to, working, eating, playing, the mornings are bright, the moon isn’t too dark for you, the coffee tastes sharp, the chocolate oozes love, you are happy. But the next thing you know is you are hit by something, a vague invisible gust of air, so full of weight and darkness that the same chocolate bursts of hatred, the coffee of gloom, the moon is too dark and the sun, senseless and blin

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Books by Moushmi Radhanpara

You have been warned, do not read this book if you are petrified by the mere mention of reality, rawness, emotions, or existence. ‘Posies’ is a collection of poetries where the writer touches upon myriad colors of life from celebrating womanhood, finding meaning in a world full of meaninglessness, accepting the self, to drowning in the glory of love, wallowing in emotions and the state of depression, and even reveling in the matters of life and dea

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Darling Rose

By Moushmi Radhanpara in Women's Fiction | Reads: 7,003 | Likes: 94

“What’s her name?” cried the doctor as he stepped inside the hospital room, rushing to move the nurse away, getting hold of the patient’s chart, running his eyes through the heart-rate, her pulse, meanwhile his other hand firmly holding the stethoscope, his ears straining to   Read More...

Published on Jun 22,2022 04:51 PM

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