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praneeth chandra

A medical student and a writer
A medical student and a writer

Praneeth Chandra is doing his MBBS in Hyderabad. He is 23 years now. For a few years, he is very much interested in reading books.

For him, Passion, Skills, and Love are the trio that drives him.

 His mother always wanted him to be a doctor. She motivated him since his childhood about how a doctor saves the lives of individuals. he was very much into becoming a doctor since he was in his 4th class. He is very proud that he going to be a doctor. He is also happy that he mentioned in his friend's slam book that his dream profession to be a doctor and in few days he will be one. 

He was very passionate about writing. He started writing since his 17th birthday. His main genres of writings are Indian mythology and fiction. He usually picks the names of his characters in his books from mythology.

He is very much into learning new things and to develop his skills. He always has room to develop his skills in every way possible. He is a traveler, photographer, and artist.



Books by Praneeth Chandra

When Lord Krishna said that ‘ in life, we may get many things but somehow we crave for the things or people whom we can’t have’. 

When we can’t express our feelings at the right time to the right person we might end up losing them forever. The exact same thing happened to me when I couldn’t express how I feel about her. But she also taught me that every relationship has an expiry date. While she left me someone wanted

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A Delightful Meet

Books by Praneeth Chandra

Love is everywhere. Love is captivating and motivating. Why did Krishna started Loving Radha? Why Did Radha and Krishna always end up being together? Is it really written in the destiny that Radha Krishna should be together? If not then what really happened with the Radha Krishna of this generation.
If something is really meant to be for us. Is it true that the entire universe converge and make it happen? Can anyone Love Radha with their Heart, Body, and S

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The Dark Paradise

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It was around 2 am on a full moon day.  We both were together on the terrace of our beach house The sky was beautifully decorated with the stars burning with the brilliant sapphire pallor of the electric light The chill breeze mixed with the sound of the waves made us feel like we were enjoying  Read More...

Published on Mar 22,2020 07:25 PM

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