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Jesse Rwangmei

Writer and Student of Physics
Writer and Student of Physics

Nay! He ain’t impudent. He’s just free spirited. Now and then, you might catch him laughing by himself. He is a mix of a quack, a genius and an idiot – the perfect sort to tell a good story, or so he says. He believes in the power of a story to tell a truth, and he’ll tell you that there in the crowded streets of the city and the decorated lanes of the town, and there in the forlorn paths of the village, there is always a tale to be told.Read More...


Books by Jesse Rwangmei

This book is tailor-made to help Class IX and Class X students with their Math subject.

It is short and concise, but it does not compromise on explaining the concepts.

Many times, we don’t remember all the formulae, but we only need a flip of the page to remind us of what we have learnt. Written in a clear and simple language, this book will help you remember your high school Math whether you be a college student, a parent, a teacher or j

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By Jesse Rwangmei in Romance | Reads: 505 | Likes: 7

I was sitting on the two-seater rows of the bus. On the left were the three-seater seats which I had always avoided whenever possible. To have two strangers seated next to me, ugh, that just squeezes my personal space and I have always felt cramped and crowded. The sun had moved to the west and I kn  Read More...

Published on Jun 8,2020 10:37 PM

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