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I belong from the small city Imphal and I am the middle child of my parents. As a child I was inclined to drawings and later in college days I discovered that I love to write also. After quitting the campus placed job in 2011, I started preparing for a Govt. jobs but the writing passion never faded in me and I continued it along with the job, until recently things got very eventful…I like to travel and experience new places…hills, plains valley, sea. Traditional food I love to devour and watching movies is one of my favorites. I like being in the knowledge of spirituality and alsRead More...

The Old Man who lives by the Barrage

By Soraisam Anuka in Poetry | Reads: 373 | Likes: 0

Yet another day has dawn, as the birds started chirping again. The old man is woken up. The hut is old, the roof is falling. for everyday is a new day, for the old man. Another day; another day, hums the old man who lives by the barrage.   They say home is where we find our comforts; but by se  Read More...

Published on May 26,2020 05:17 PM

Call Awaited.

By Soraisam Anuka in General Literary | Reads: 418 | Likes: 8

It rang seven times, but there was no answer from the other side. He thought to redial once more but was interrupted in between, “Ali beta, zara khana charado”, he replied back “thik hai Ammi”. The wind was breezy outside and he decided to sit at the backyard, Manjil, their o  Read More...

Published on May 17,2020 03:55 PM

The Cart Puller

By Soraisam Anuka in Poetry | Reads: 275 | Likes: 0

The Cart Puller He was there walking in front of us. I was sitting in a rickshaw and; there he was in front of me, turning the cart full of hay. All I could see from behind; was his pair of dusky legs, moving slowly in a tipsy fashion. Even though he was quite sober, I saw strips of hay slipping do  Read More...

Published on Mar 28,2020 08:59 PM

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