By aashish in Romance | Reads: 471 | Likes: 1

Amidst clear skies Amidst chaotic life  Amidst normal routine and  Amidst a life after you A sudden rendezvous with familiar scent, familiar voice or a familiar face takes me back in time... Time where my life was amidst you Like a pinch of salt on wound A rush of memories, photos and prom  Read More...

Published on Mar 24,2020 12:40 PM


By aashish in Poetry | Reads: 443 | Likes: 0

What have I become ?? On a stary gaze night, under the roof  Looking at the evening star While under someone else's arms Someone whom I dint even know Someone with unfamiliar face Someone with unfamiliar scent  I was trying to get your familiar warmth and comfort.. What have I become ?? T  Read More...

Published on Mar 24,2020 12:37 PM

The other side

By aashish in True Story | Reads: 550 | Likes: 0

The Other side Last thing I vaguely remember was lying down on my bed, trying to sleep. No matter how hard one tries, the brain plays its own games. Human brain is the most complicated organ/machinery a man has ever seen/found. There was a sense of disconcert in the air. I gradually squinted my eyes  Read More...

Published on Mar 24,2020 12:34 PM


By aashish in Poetry | Reads: 344 | Likes: 0

How would have life been ? Sometimes I wonder how different would have life been If she had succumbed to pressure, If she had stuck in that noose If she craved for another life  She would have been inside the grave and I wouldn't have been born alive How did she get the strength to survive? To  Read More...

Published on Mar 24,2020 12:30 PM


By aashish in Poetry | Reads: 263 | Likes: 0

Was it the distance ? Was it just the sepration ? I wish I knew what it really was Your sight, your words and now you All turned blurry No more could I understand you Or your thoughts Maybe I was losing my sight  Will you not come again to guide me with your light ? Blurry, that's how everythin  Read More...

Published on Mar 24,2020 12:28 PM

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