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Sruthi Singareddy

Travel Blogger
Travel Blogger

Hello, I’m Shruu. Like most of us, I’ve been trained and taught to become a person that my family wanted me to be, a perfect fit for society. I couldn’t care less about this society every single day. I am looking for ways to be at peace with the world and to truly co-exist with each other. In the process of figuring out the way to live, I tumbled across traveling. There it was, a calling. I have found my tribe with the nomads, philosophers, travelers, explorers, and a bunch of humorous people. Also, I found a piece of my heart lying atop of every mountain, and beneath every sRead More...


By Sruthi Singareddy in Poetry | Reads: 206 | Likes: 0

Meri subah ki shuruvat tu hai ! Meri har dhadkan ki awaaz tu hai ! Jab bhi hichcki aati hai tujhe Maaf karna uski wajah bhi mai hu ! Har dafa tujhse rubaroo karu  Mere honton ki yeh adaat hai ! Tere saath bitaye pal Pehli chandini raat se hai ! Tere hi kadmo mai chalu Yahi raasta sureeli hai !   Read More...

Published on Mar 24,2020 11:28 AM

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