10 Years of Celebrating Indie Authors

Honey rao .j

Definitely One Day

By Honey rao .j in True Story | Reads: 129 | Likes: 0

It was 3'o clock naina's phone rangs for 4 times at that she was in library so that she didn't picked up the call after coming she return back the call kirthan was quite angry at her and asked why she didn't picked the call she said that she was busy and understood he was angry at her and slowly wit  Read More...

Published on Apr 1,2020 04:45 PM

I don't know when I started loving him

By Honey rao .j in True Story | Reads: 102 | Likes: 0

A crazy introduction a girl with silent looks and boy with a cool attitude they don't know when they started talking, from talking to a bonded friendship were created. They never know that their friendship wents to next level that leads to fights among themeselves and made them not to talk for days   Read More...

Published on Mar 26,2020 08:30 AM

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