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Will you marry me dear?

By Jeet sannigrahi in Poetry | Reads: 195 | Likes: 1

Love is the strongest of all emotions A human can ever possess. But I didn't have it until we met. From your quiet glance To the melodies of your solitary soul, I felt everything that day you stole The other half of my heart. But for that I'm not a bit hurt. Instead, from that moment onwards I peep   Read More...

Published on Feb 23,2021 04:09 PM

Someone in my heart

By Jeet sannigrahi in Poetry | Reads: 179 | Likes: 1

I had someone in my heart From whom, I never wanted to be apart. But it was forever broken Which was never mine, how can that be stolen? I tried to make her feel What she actually meant to me! Special, she will always be If not to anyone, always for me. About love, I'm not sure But what I had was at  Read More...

Published on Feb 15,2021 12:40 PM

The Immortal Man

By Jeet sannigrahi in Supernatural | Reads: 268 | Likes: 1

 "If you're reading this I might be dead, at least I hope so!" The beginning line of the Instagram post struck Arun's eye. An anonymous post suggested by the app's algorithm. But it sounded interesting so Arun continued reading: "I was born in 1860 in a common household with an exceptional urge for  Read More...

Published on Sep 14,2020 10:32 AM

The Brave Girl

By Jeet sannigrahi in General Literary | Reads: 211 | Likes: 2

Are those medicines okay? Have you checked them?" "Yes dear, twice to be precise. Don't you worry." "Okay okay, but the dates! They might have been expired." "I've checked them them as well, now be a good girl and just have the pills, okay." Shilpa took the pills from Ravi's hands, drunk some water   Read More...

Published on Sep 8,2020 11:14 AM

The Bald Boy

By Jeet sannigrahi in General Literary | Reads: 325 | Likes: 1

     All he wanted was friends, instead he got a bunch of jerks whose soul purpose of life was loafing on the streets and tease him. Baldy, Taklu, blockhead they used to call him. However as they've grown up their language has become a bit gross and it would be grosser to use those fine words her  Read More...

Published on Sep 2,2020 07:25 AM

Colonialism: A Tale Of Romance

By Jeet sannigrahi in Poetry | Reads: 323 | Likes: 1

Long long ago, the world was ill Then you came with a loads of zeal. A barren sky, a land full of nuts Became wet when you showed your guts. The privilege had a little cost, The fresh air they breathed was lost. In exchange you gave some gold, silk and tea. And they forgot what will power could be!   Read More...

Published on Jul 7,2020 01:45 PM

Sacred Race

By Jeet sannigrahi in Poetry | Reads: 240 | Likes: 1

It took seven days for God To create something, known as world. In the last day his grace, shaped a sacred race. The first sin, though mundane Made him angry like Insane. The race made for heaven, had to leave Eden. Centuries after when the God is dead They rule the place where he lead. The earth   Read More...

Published on Jun 10,2020 09:04 AM

God Help Me To Get Out

By Jeet sannigrahi in Poetry | Reads: 449 | Likes: 1

God please help me to get outOf this world where I can't even shout.Blessed are those big hands, ruling  jackalsAnd the curse is on us, fighting all dreads.The world is ill and so are the men,But they are on TV, "look at them."The huge man, wearing PPE, is trying to get shape.And he, on front   Read More...

Published on May 8,2020 07:19 AM

Who Can Stop Loving You!

By Jeet sannigrahi in Poetry | Reads: 406 | Likes: 1

I dare to stare at your face And admire in ecstasy, your charm and grace. If a little sweeter your voice were Honey would've tasted bitter, to me I swear. But still you're fine And fairer than the spurning sunshine. The first time I saw you, in love I was With your spirit, that turns my sorrow to fa  Read More...

Published on Apr 11,2020 12:33 PM

Mother or Martyr

By Jeet sannigrahi in Poetry | Reads: 194 | Likes: 1

She has dreams, she has a heart She wants to fly and to be a part Of everything. But that doesn't matter "She's a girl, she's a mother". She left her Family, she left her Town To be a joke, to be a clown. She's a homemaker, a cook, an embroider. So what, "she's a girl, she's a mother". She loves h  Read More...

Published on Apr 5,2020 07:47 AM


By Jeet sannigrahi in Poetry | Reads: 234 | Likes: 1

I heard a noise and came to the alleyways, Only to find a deserted dreariness. All the doors were locked and so the panes were Nothing lurked in the air, but hazy fear. The fear of death it was that locked all the beasts, A terror strong enough to haunt even priests. The sound became clear and I o  Read More...

Published on Mar 26,2020 04:41 PM

Hands Of God

By Jeet sannigrahi in Poetry | Reads: 382 | Likes: 1

I see the Taj and wonder About the hands of that maker. A gift from heaven might possessed his hands, And here a piece of art stands. But what I can't see are those years; He poured his youth into, betraying his peers. A half of his life he spent in a stone, To glorify an empire and still remains un  Read More...

Published on Mar 26,2020 10:26 AM

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